I am a commercial sports photographer based in Austria.

My goal is to be creative and capture the essence of an athlete, sport, movement or moment. I strive to put my heart and soul into projects and love the teamwork aspect of a shoot.

My background is professional sports and over 15 years working in the commercial sports industry.  Understanding athletes perspectives and the sports marketing side enables me to connect both worlds. The goal is to achieve credibility and impact at the same time.

In a world that’s flooded with imagery, it is important to be personally connected to projects and inject that extra personal touch to make stories interesting and believable.  Unique ideas and creative approach growing from personal believe lead to credible outcome that is loved back.

After years of working with sportsbrands, agencies and top athletes around the globe I learned not to take anything for granted. In a fast paced world where humanity and kindness often get way too short I want to focus on projects connected to people and their stories.

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